New School

New School

New School

It is kind of hard to explain this photo – but so important. That is a principal, explaining to a small child about the new school. That is a construction site, where the school is being built.. and those trailers and the classrooms they currently attend. These contruction people are under rigid rules, because there are children nearby. And the children are watching and trying to understand. This world is so small and so complicated. Massive equipment beside a playground.

2 thoughts on “New School

  1. orples says:

    While it is true, construction sites are no place for children, the fact that they are able to view the work beyond the fence is beneficial to their education. I’m sure these kids are asking plenty of questions. Seeing the progress of their new school as it is erected is sure to make an imprint on their minds. Once their school is complete, they will no doubt enjoy a sense of pride in their knowledge of how the building was constructed as well.

  2. It is true, there is a no place for children to watch a construction site, in fact teachers can show them from distance and teach them as they are very curious about how the erection of the school happens. As they are keen observers they will understand the step by step process and will imprint on their minds how the construction has to be done whether it is school or a career. Once the construction completes when the children comes to the new school we can see there is a glow of proud in their faces, where they have learn the construction of their school.

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